The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine

The Old Brewery, High Street, Twyford, Winchester, SO21 1RG

Contacting The Dove Clinic

The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine

The Medical Team

The team at The Dove Clinic are made up of conventionally trained medical doctors with a special interest in nutritional and integrated approaches to chronic fatigue syndrome.  

Dr Richard Fuller is a conventionally trained doctor with a distinction in the Royal College of General Practice Membership exams. He has a special interest in nutritional and integrated approaches to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is a Fellow of the British Society of Integrated Medicine.

Dr Julian Kenyon is an integrated medicine physician and Medical Director of the Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine, Winchester and London. He has written approximately 20 books and has had many academic papers published in peer review journals and has several patents to his name.

The Assessment Process

Initial consultation involves a 30-45 minute appointment and may be followed by blood tests and specific dietary advice and supplementation provision.  If required, intravenous treatments are provided by our team of senior nurses. We aim to provide a treatment that is caring, person-centred and of the highest medical quality.

The Treatment Process

Dietary, nutritional and emotional support is applied and tailored to each individual. Our approaches are safe and well tolerated and have been used effectively for our patients over many years.  If a programme is agreed, this is delivered by the Dove Clinic’s team of trained nurses.  Programmes can include vitamin C, glutathione, ozone as well as a scheme of nutritional supplements.

The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine - Treatment

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